It is never too early to start planning for next semester because it will be 在这里 before you realize it!

注册早的学生有最好的课程选择, 付款计划选项, 你不必忍受长时间的等待来联系你的导师.  Don’t put additional stress on yourself by waiting until the last minute…get started today!



  • 您是否完成了2023 -2024年的FAFSA并列出了 菲斯克学校代码0003490. 如果没有,请填写2023 - 2024年FAFSA www.studentaid.政府.
  • Have all of your 金融援助 awards for FA-23 and SP-24 been Accepted or Declined in the Fisk 学生门户? 如果没有,请访问 http://tfcakb.t0053.cc/current-students/.
  • 是否已收到所有所需的经济援助文件? 如果没有,请访问财政援助办公室.
  • If the Stafford loans (Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized) were Accepted in the Fisk 学生门户, 你是否已填妥入学贷款谘询及主本票? 如果没有,可以在以下网址填写贷款文件 www.studentaid.政府.
  • If the parent wants /needs a parent PLUS loan, has the parent applied for the PLUS loan? PLUS贷款申请可于以下网址填写 www.studentaid.政府. The parent will need to log in using their FSA User ID to log in to the website. (如果父母不想要PLUS贷款,你可以跳过下一个问题.)
  • 如果父母申请了家长PLUS贷款, 家长是否已填写主本票(MPN) ?? 这可以在www上完成.studentaid.政府. 家长将需要他们的FSA用户ID来登录网站. (如果父母不会接受PLUS贷款,你可以跳过这个问题.)
  • 所有校外奖学金授予信都寄给澳门皇冠赌场平台了吗?


  1. 金融间隙. Students must be Financially Cleared by Student Accounts before classes begin. A ledger with a financial clearance stamp must be obtained prior to move-in day and no later than the first day of classes. 财务清清意味着:
    • 已签署的财务责任协议存档(每学年一份).
    • 获得财政援助.
      • FAFSA完成.
      • 接受/拒绝所有助学金.
      • 没有经济援助所需的文件.
    • Anticipated bill balance paid in full by the published payment deadline (refer to the academic calendar) or must have a signed Fisk University Payment Plan Agreement Contract (and be current on payment arrangement).
  1. 持有. 学生必须在注册前解决财务问题.
    • 什么是hold ?. 这取决于你在学校的经济状况, 学生帐户可以对您的帐户进行以下保留:
      • 企业持有 -此保留是针对已过期余额的帐户, 逾期付款计划协议, 或者是那些还没有得到财务清算的人. 这限制了学生的注册, 访问记录, 查看成绩, 参加毕业典礼, 并获得文凭.
      • 付款计划搁置 -将放置在您的帐户,如果你是一个付款计划. 此hold仅限制访问抄本. Unofficial transcripts are available for those students current on their payment plan.
    • 学生可以在哪里查看hold(s). hold在学生门户网站上可见.
    • 如何解决hold问题. Students must reach out to Student Accounts to solve Business and Payment Plan holds.
  1. 付款方式:
    • 面对面. 卡耐基音乐厅接受现金、支票和汇票. Please be mindful of social distancing protocols when visiting Carnegie Hall.
    • 通过邮件. 检查, 汇款单, 和本票可以邮寄到澳门皇冠赌场平台, 学生账户-卡内基音乐厅, 北17大道1000号, 纳什维尔TN, 37208.
    • 通过电话. Call Student Accounts at 615-329-8546 to make a credit card payment over the phone.
    • 学生门户 -你可以直接在账单上用信用卡付款. 它位于“我的分类帐”下.”
  1. 最后期限.  查看与您的学生帐户相关的重要日期列表.
  1. FAQ部分. http://tfcakb.t0053.cc/current-students/student-accounts/
  2. 如何安排约会


Being prepared ahead of your advising appointment is the key to a successful session. Your advisor is a partner; a guide to assist you with navigating your path at Fisk and helping to prepare you for graduate studies or the transition into your chosen career.  请注意, students are primarily for understanding and  fulling all the degree 需求 of your chosen program of study.   

To ensure that you capitalize on the appointment time to discuss these topics, it is crucial that students arrive to their session with a clear understanding of their degree 需求 and have a general plan for the next semester’s courses.   



 你应该了解学校的政策, 需求, 和程序, 所以提前做好功课. Familiarize yourself with the academic bulletin and academic calendar to keep abreast of policies, 重要的日子, 最后期限(e).g.,最后一天注册,最后一天退课,期末考试日期等.).   

 另外,看看你的 菲斯克学生门户网站 选择专业所要求的课程, 以及, classes that may be of interest as you consider your career and or graduate/professional school. Also, don’t forget to share your personal, academic, and career goals/expectations with your advisor.  大学咨询是一条双向的道路.     


 You are responsible for the tracking of the completion of your degree 需求.  熟悉跟踪方法(e.g. balance sheet form), how to access one, and ask questions to ensure that you understand the process. 

 To get you started, please review your major 需求 via the programs of study page 在这里  


 考虑在咨询会议上提出问题. 记住,如果你不明白什么,请问清楚.     


 Scheduling an appointment and including your specific needs allows advisors time to research your issue and or find the answer to your question ahead of your meeting time.  记住,建议不仅仅是选择课程. 他们是一种资源. Your advisor helps you apply your classroom knowledge to outside opportunities through service projects, 研究的机会, 以及可能的实习. Ideally, you should plan to meet with your advisor 1 or 2 times per semester.  Always be on time for your appointments and communicate if you need to change the date and or time.  


 诚实地面对你的环境和你需要什么才能成功.  尽早进行对话. 要积极主动! 


 总是在离开会议时知道自己的下一步.  如果有任何办公室/工作人员/教师你需要见面, ensure that you have location and contact info (name/email/phone) for them prior to leaving the meeting.  


 每个人都在为你的成功投资. When an advisor refers you to a specific office or expresses concerns about your attendance or performance, 对他们的担忧和建议持开放态度,并坚持到底.  





使用我们的注册导航注册课程 在这里找到的说明 

请注意, 如果你的账户上有存款, 这些问题必须在课程开始注册之前解决.  



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  • 门户被配置为显示当前术语. 然而, you can change the term that you want to view by changing the term when logging in so that all information regarding the next term's classes will populate.

生意上的事使我无法注册上课. 接下来我该做什么?

  • To have this hold removed you will need to meet with the Office of Student Accounts. After you are cleared by student accounts all of your registration privileges will be restored.


  • 你必须与所选课程的教授联系. 如果得到批准, the professor must send an email to the 司法常务官办公室 stating that you have been granted access and is able to add you to the course.


  • 全日制注册状态为12-18学时.  It is recommended that students aim to take 15-16 hours per semester in order to complete the degree 需求 and stay on track for on-time graduation.